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A brand is not a logo or tagline. It's a singular idea or concept that you own inside the mind of a prospect, customer or partner. That's why it's so critical to plot it correctly from the start, so it extends and scales as you grow. Once engineered, a brand serves as your calling card, arriving on a prospect's desk long before they ever receive an email, call or invitation. Bold thinking from Qmarq leads to bold brands.

We Create

It's all about emotion.

Every branding assignment is a unique challenge.  They all require an agile methodology and a willingness to embrace the unknown. 




In approaching a branding assignment, everything we do begins with a deep dive and discovery. We analyze market trends, evaluate the competitive landscape and marry ourselves to the client's value propositions.



At the core of a successful campaign is a comprehensive strategic plan. We work with our clients to formulate a crisp, clear plan of attack and set benchmarks so we can track the results.



Our approach to developing and designing creative is structured yet organic. Finding the real essence of a brand allows us to communicate and visualize the type of emotional response our client wants to provoke and evoke. 



And then we let 'er rip. Time to turn creative concepts into response-driven tactics. We use a variety of media, we engage customers and embrace them where they live. We seek ways to increase brand awareness, build relationships and drive sales.



At the completion of each launch, we analyze the results. We look at the metrics, find key insights and implement adjustments to make informed marketing decisions on future brand initiatives.



The Heart

  • Mission

  • Vision

  • Values

  • Culture

The Head

  • Brand Promise

  • Attributes

  • Pillars

  • Differentiators

The Soul

  • Brand Personality

  • Lexicon

  • Graphics

  • Tagline

Branding Services
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